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We’re NOT Going to Disneyland

December 16, 2011

Not yet anyway and that’s a good thing.  Something magical did happen on Sunday night though, and, for the moment, the Giants’ season has been saved.

It’s amazing, isn’t it, how quickly things can change.  For instance, one minute the Lakers are LA’s team, the next the Clippers are?!  One minute the Giants are this close to another collapse and the next their leading the NFC East.  One minute Eli Manning isn’t considered a top 5 QB and the next he…well some still don’t see Eli as an “Eli-te” quarterback, and for those of you who would chose Tim Tebow or Cam Newton, no offense to those guys, over Eli, you’re crazy, but go ahead pick them, we’ll stick with Eli and we’ll beat you.

Speaking of winning, although this was a huge win for the Giants, it is not time to celebrate yet.

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