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So Close

December 8, 2011

The Giants played admirably against the Packers.  They were one or two big plays away from winning that game.  There were one or two tackles that the Packers D made where they just caught an ankle, there were a few questionable calls and there were a few mistakes, but when you’re playing a team as good as the Packers, you need to be perfect, anything less can get you close, but it won’t get you the W.


If you believe at all in the power of numbers, in fate, destiny, what have you, the Giants-Patriots game in 2007 ended in the exact same score–38 to 35.  Following that loss, the Giants went on to win their next four games.  Perhaps this will be the history that the Giants repeat, instead of collapsing, perhaps they will finish the season strong, winning four in a row, and once they’re in the playoffs, anything can happen.

If you believe that there is power in numbers, check out Tom Martinez’s story and pass it on.

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