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If The Season Ended Today #3

December 22, 2011

Hi, Hollie

If the season ended today, I’d like to sit in a dark corner closet in a forgotten bedroom and not come out until after the Superbowl.  But this excruciating, maddening season still has two weeks to go.  How much can we take?

Here goes:

If we beat the Jets and Dallas we are Division Champs at 9-7.
That’s simple.

If we lost the next two, we are 7-7 and we are on a one-way trip to Palookaville.
That’s simple.

If we lose to Jets and Dallas beats either Philly or Giants, Dallas is 9-7 and Division Champs.
That’s simple.

But what happens if we split and end up 8-8?

If we lose to the Jets and beat Dallas, the Giants would be 8-8.
If Dallas lost to Philly and then the Giants, Dallas would be 8-8.
If Philly beats Dallas and Washington, Philly would be 8-8.
A three-way tie.

1st Tiebreaker: Head to Head
We’d split with Philly and beat Dallas twice: Making Giants 3-1
Dallas lost two to Philly and two to us: Dallas 0-4
Philly beat Dallas twice and split with Giants: Philly 3-1.
Dallas is eliminated and we go to second Tie Breaker: Division Record.
Giants would be 3-3.
Philly would be 5-1
Philly would be Division Champs.

No one is taking Philly seriously. I’ve lived through too many of these scenarios.
Philly has nothing to lose, they are a mean-spirited team, they don’t care.
The Cowboys are soft and the Giants are sensitive.

But there’s another scenario!

I only do this out of mathematical curiosity and because I just read about it in the NYT.

If the Giants lose to the Jets, the Giants would be 7-8.
If Dallas beats Philly, Dallas is 9-6 and its over.
If Dallas loses to Philly, Dallas is 8-7.
Then on the last week:
If Philly then beats Washington, they would be 8-8.
If we beat Dallas, Dallas and Giants would also be 8-8.
And Philly wins the three-team tiebreaker on head-to-head.
If Dallas beats the Giants, then Dallas wins division at 9-7.

But if we lose to Jets and Dallas loses to Philly–
Then on the last week:
If Philly loses to Washington– Philly is 7-9.
If we beat Dallas, we are both 8-8 and we win Division because we beat Dallas twice.

Let’s hope the Giants players don’t figure this out because then they won’t take the Jets seriously!!!!

Please, please, please —– let’s just beat the Jets and beat Dallas and get our mojo going in the right direction.

Here’s how we do it.

Time and time again we read in the paper or hear commentators say that the Giants have communication problems.

Prince guards the wrong guy.
Mario goes in when he should go out.

My solution: Stop Communicating!

On defense, rush 6 and play 5 man-to-man.
On offense, eliminate all options from routes.  It’s either slant, down and out, down and in, or go deep.

Why or why can’t they see the simple truth when it’s right in front of them?

Anyway, time go get on with the remnants of our lives and wait to next week.

Oh, by the way, there are no Wild Card options. It’s Division Champs or nothing.



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