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Why Not Us Revisited

April 9, 2012

I would like to start by doing something I rarely do. I would like to thank Fox. Thank you for not airing Saturday’s game on the West Coast. Thank you for sparing us. For sparing me.

For the second season in a row, we find ourselves at 0 and 3. We could have survived the first loss. At least we fought back. The second one, I, thankfully, did not see, but blowouts happen. It could have been chalked up to a bad day. Loss number three hurt.

Let’s face it, the chances of this team bouncing back, after last year, were a long shot, and, after another disappointing start, the odds have only gotten worse.

Last time, we found a way to be optimistic. After yesterday and regardless of what happens tonight, optimism is on vacation. Hello pessimism.

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