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Why Not Us?

April 5, 2012

Last year at this time, I was starting this blog and the Boston Red Sox were predicted to win 100 games.  If I had to bet, at that time, which of my teams, the Red Sox or the Giants, would win a world championship, the safe money would have been on the Sox.  Isn’t it funny and great how things turn out?

No one expected anything from the Giants and they won the Super Bowl.  The Red Sox, on the other hand, were heralded as the greatest team ever fielded and they didn’t even make the playoffs.   They had a nine game lead and they let it all slip away.  It was a historic collapse, and I don’t know what the odds are of bouncing back after a season like that, they can’t be good.

The safe money may not be on the Red Sox, but every game still has to be played.   It’s a new season, an opportunity to wipe the slate clean. Today, the 2012 Boston Red Sox will take the field and try to put the 2011 season behind them.  How will they do?  That’s a very good question.  Can I get back to you in October?


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