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Hail Hakeem

January 19, 2012

If right after we lost to Washington you told me not to worry, because in a few weeks the Giants would be one win away from the Super Bowl, I may have laughed at you.  Between now and then, there have been several great plays that have helped us get to where we are today—JPP’s blocked field goal, Victor Cruz’s 99-yard touchdown run; the two forth down stops against Atlanta—just to name a few.

But this Sunday, there was a play that topped them all.  It reminded many of David Tyree’s helmet catch in Super Bowl XLII.  That was miraculous and not just the catch, it was really a series of miracles—Eli escaping the sack, Tyree securing the ball against his helmet and then holding on and keeping the ball off the turf as Harrison slammed him to the ground.  That play saved the game.  Hakeem Nicks’ Hail Mary snag on Sunday saved the season.  He may have used two hands, but his play may have also fundamentally changed the franchise.


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