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If The Season Ended Today

November 17, 2011

If The Season Ended Today–Our Beloved New York Football Giants would be in the playoffs–the fourth seed, and they’d face Detroit in the wildcard round at home; if they won, they’d play either Green Bay or San Francisco in the Divisional Round on the road. If they won that, they’d be in the NFC Championship game–which, could be at home only if Chicago managed to get there as well.

But the season doesn’t end today. There are seven games left. As always, at this time of year, who you beat is usually more important than total wins.

For example, if we beat Philly and Washington and beat Dallas twice, and lose to New Orleans, Green Bay and the Jets, we’d end up 10-6 and 5-1 in the division.

But we’d be assured the NFC East title.

That’s because the best Dallas could be is 10-6; but we’d have the tie-breaker by virtue of beating them twice.

Both Philly and Washington could only reach 9-7.

Beyond that, we’d be 5-1 in the division and the best any of the other three teams could be would be 3-3.

But if we lost to Dallas twice, then Dallas could be 12-4.

If we won the rest of our games, we’d be 11-5.

Even if Dallas lost another game and finished 11-5, they’d own the tie-breaker.

We’d have a good shot at a Wild Card, but you never know.

So by beating Dallas twice we can win the division with 10 wins; but we could lose to them twice and miss the playoffs with a record of 11-5.

If we beat Dallas twice and beat Washington–and lose to Philly, the Jets, New Orleans and Green Bay–then we’d be 9-7, 5-2 in the division.

Dallas could only be 3-3 in division, Philly could be 5-1 and Washington could at best be 3-3.

Dallas could be 10-6, so they’d have to lose another game and then we’d have the head-to-head tie-breaker against them.

Philly could also finish 10-6, so they’d have to lose another game and we’d be tied head-to-head, but Philly would have the divisional-record tie-breaker.

So Philly would have to lose 2 games, both to division teams, making them 9-7 and 3-3 in division and we’d have the divisional-record tie breaker.

Washington could at best be 9-7 and we’d be tied head-to-head, but we’d have the divisional-record tie-breaker.

Then there are many other scenarios–but none of them are as good as us simply winning our 4 remaining division games and locking up the NFC east.

That would happen on New Year’s Day against Dallas.

Happy New Year!

I think we can win 4 more games; I think we could win 5 more games.

And every game will be a hard game so they have to be up for each game.

We control our destiny.

Which is always a good place to be; you never want to rely on another team winning a game for you, especially teams that have “Bay” in their names.


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