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September 21, 2011

Winning–it may be Charlie Sheen’s motto, but it’s what the Red Sox and Giants need to be doing. It’s a fairly simple concept–to win: score lots of points and keep your opponent from scoring points–so why do the Red Sox and Giants find it so hard to do sometimes?


Ok maybe it’s not that simple, but for the Red Sox this is–win games and go to the playoffs or continue to lose and watch the Rays go in our place.  For the Giants, our win on Monday proved that we’re not a terrible team (this was a possibility given all the injuries and players we lost to other teams in the off-season) so now they need to focus on improving what they have.

Winning–hey, if Ricky Vaughn can do it so can we–maybe Papelbon should cut his hair like Vaughn too, now there’s an idea!

Let’s Go Red Sox!  Let’s Go Giants!

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