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Disappointing End to Giants Promising Season

January 1, 2013

Since Sunday, I have felt a lot like Ralphie from A Christmas Story. I’m surrounded by happier kids, who all got what they wanted for Christmas. All we wanted was a trip to the playoffs. It’s not as if we asked for an official Red Ryder carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle, with a compass in the stock.

Plus, a few weeks ago, it seemed like a done deal. The Giants were poised to win the division, and, after they destroyed Green Bay, it appeared that no one would be able to stop them. Left and right, analysts were saying the Giants had the NFC East “wrapped up,” but then the unthinkable happened. The switch the Giants usually flip in December didn’t work.

In the past, it had been so reliable, but it failed them this year. Why? It’s simple really. In 2011, the Giants had to win. This season, they expected to win. They got complacent and failed to show up for every game.

Repeating in this league has never been easy. Even when you are practically perfect, it can feel like an impossible task, just ask the Green Bay Packers. When you don’t play your best football, it becomes only that much harder.

The Giants had the talent, and although they played like a championship caliber team on Sunday, it was too little too late. A season, full of potential, wasted. It’s dissapointing, but, perhaps, it just wasn’t our year.

To be honest, it feels more like RGIII’s year. The Redskins seem to have some of the magic we had last season. Or maybe it’s Adrian Peterson’s year or Tom Brady’s. Patriots fans are more excited about the Giants being knocked out, then they are about their own team snagging a first-round bye. I guess that’s something–we’re in their heads.

Still, it’s a shame. If we had gotten in, I think we could have gone all the way, but there is no reason why this team can’t be right back in the hunt next year. As Ralphie’s father told him, “There’s always next Christmas.” Or in our case, next season.

Unlike Ralphie, we won’t find a secret present behind the desk that will send us to the playoffs. All we can do is set our sights on 2013 and Super Bowl XLVIII.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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