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This is New York Giants Football: It’s Not All Fun and Games

December 10, 2012

Earlier on the Sunday, when the Cowboys and Redskins were both losing, who else had visions of a two-game lead dancing in their heads?  Ha!  Like that was going to happen.

The Giants can’t worry about what other teams do and neither can we as fans.  It’s futile, and, thankfully, we don’t have to.  That’s the beauty of controlling your own destiny.  The Giants just need to keep playing like they did on Sunday, which is easier said then done for a team that, once again, has struggled with consistency.

Sometimes wins like these make me a little mad, because I wonder, where were these Giants against the Bengals?  Where were they against Pittsburg or Dallas the first time around, or the second time for that matter?  What is stopping them from playing at this level all the time?  My friends, that is an unanswerable question.

Winning should be fun, but that is not always the case with our Giants.  Sometimes, even with a 22-point lead, we can’t sit back with a beer and relax.

That is not to say that there weren’t moments in this game that were enjoyable (it was certainly better than the Dallas win).  David Wilson’s returns were fun to watch.  So were Stevie Brown’s interceptions, and the touchdown catches by Nicks, Bennett, Cruz and Hixon.

Of course, there were also moments when it felt like it was all going to slip away, but that is true of almost every Giants game and every Giants season.  That is New York Giants football.  It’s agonizing down to the bitter end.

Therefore, we should buck up for another crazy day of football next Sunday, and try our best not to worry about what other teams do.  After all, we understand that if Dallas and Washington had lost, then our game would have probably gone very differently.  Having the Cowboys and Redskins breathing down our necks is exactly what we want.   It may not be the most fun way to win, but it could give the Giants their best chance of winning.

One down.  Three to go.  Plus another four after that, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.  In the meantime, our focus should be on Atlanta and only Atlanta.

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