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Giants Loss was a Team Effort

October 1, 2012

The Giants played a nearly perfect game against Carolina, and they followed it up with a performance, which, at best, can be described as subpar.  It would be easy to point fingers at a few players, plays and calls that cost the Giants the game against the Eagles.

We could blame:

Lawrence Tynes for missing a 54-yard field goal—twice.  However, it would have been a career long kick for Tynes, who did make a good adjustment after the first try.  Plus, the Giants had 15 seconds to get him closer or score a touchdown.

Ramses Barden for his flagrant pass interference penalty, which knocked the Giants out of field goal range.  There is no question that this penalty hurt, but the Giants had two PI calls go in their favor and, again, should have been able to do more with the time they had.

The coaches for poor decision-making and inopportune play calling.  Why risk throwing a pass when you’re already in field goal range?  Why not run?  The answer is, because you have Eli Manning, the best 4th quarter QB in the league.  Exactly!  The field goal should never have attempted, and, after Tynes missed it the first time, Tom Coughlin should have sent Eli back out onto the field.

Eli Manning for throwing an interception in the end zone.  If the Giants had scored there, then we would not be having this discussion.  Eli did not have his best game, but the defense should have given him more opportunities.

The defense for not putting more pressure on Michael Vick.  This was not the same defense that played in Carolina.  That defense would have been able to contain Vick and stop him from making the game winning drive.  That defense would have had more than one sack.  However, Vick’s job was arguably on the line, and he and his offensive line deserve credit for their efforts.

The coaches could have done a better job preparing the team, and the players could have done a better job executing the plan.  So who’s to blame?  Everyone.  This loss was a team effort.

Three things that are keeping me sane:

  1. Vick and the Eagles wanted/needed it more and that is hard to beat.
  2. The Giants will bounce back.  They always do.  My father says this all the time and it’s usually true.
  3. The Eagles may have our number, but we have the one (or four) thing(s) that the Eagles want the most.  Rings.

Bottom line:  Losing to the Eagles makes the Giants road to the playoffs more difficult, but the Giants play their best when their backs are up against the wall.

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