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Tom Coughlin vs. Greg Schiano: Whose Side Are You On?

September 18, 2012

This probably goes without saying, but I’m on Tom Coughlin’s side.  Or at least I think I am.  I never want to see any of my guys, especially Eli Manning, take an unnecessary or “cheap” hit.

On the other hand, I hate when the Giants are on the receiving end of the “victory formation.”  In those situations, I hope and pray for a miracle.  So I understand the impulse.  If winning is the goal, why not do everything in your power (that’s legal) to win a game?

What Schiano had his team do was not technically illegal, but the Bucs did violate an unwritten rule.  As Tom Coughlin said, “You don’t do that in this league.”  One could ask, “Why not?”  In the spirit of “finishing,” why do teams wave the proverbial white flag when the other team kneels?  It would certainly be more exciting to eliminate kneel-downs altogether and make teams run an actual play.  There is some logic to this.

However, in situations where it would take more than some miracle fumble to win a game, the benefits simply do not outweigh the risks.  The NFL is all about player safety, as they should be, and, the fact of the matter is, kneel-downs make the game safer.

The victory formation isn’t going anywhere.  Giants fans who witnessed the “Miracle of the Meadowlands” don’t need to worry.  Taking-a-knee is a part of the game, but the question remains, should teams expect a certain level of protection when they have the chance to kneel down for a win?

Ahhhhhhh!  I’m torn.  If there are two seconds left and the kneeling team has more than an 8-point lead, then, obviously, bull rushing the line and knocking the QB down is a cheap and dirty play.  But…when the lead is less than 8 and it’s your team on the losing end, the right answer isn’t as easy to find.  You play to win the game, but what goes around comes around.  This seems to be where the Coughlin vs. Schiano debate ultimately leads.  Right or wrong, if the Bucs want to dish it, then they better be prepared take it.

Cast your vote and post your comments below.   If you have any other questions you would like me to tackle, then please send them my way.  You can tweet questions to @AFanDivided or submit them using our newest feature: Ask AFD.  I may even answer your question in my next post. 

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