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If The Season Ended Today

December 2, 2011


We’d be home.

Well, we, that is, our family, will be home in any case.

But the New York Football Giants would be home in the sense that they would NOT be in the playoffs.

But we control our own destiny–which is good, because history has shown time and time again that we can’t rely on any other team to win a game down the stretch.

Philly is 4-8 with only 4 games left, so they best they can be is 8-8. They are essentially eliminated unless all kinds of total disasters occur. The NFL website has them out, so there must be a plethora of tie-breakers working against them.

With 5 games left:

• We’re 6-5.  1-2 in division.  3 division games left–Washington & Dallas twice.

• Dallas is 7-4. 3-1 in division. 2 division games left–both against Giants.

• Washington is 4-7. 1-3 in division. 2 division games left–Giants and Eagles.

If we win them all, we’re division champs–at 11-5.

The next-best thing for us to do is beat Dallas twice and win two more games–vs Jets, GB and Washington.

If we beat Dallas twice:

• We can make the  playoffs with 10 wins no matter what Dallas or Washington does. Because we’d be 10-6 and Dallas would be 10-6 and we’d have the tiebreaker having beaten them twice; and Washington could at best be 9-7.

• We can make the playoffs with 9 wins if Dallas loses one more game and Washington loses one more game. Because then Washington would be 8-8; Dallas would be 9-7 and we’d be 9-7 and we’d have the tiebreaker over Dallas.

If we beat Dallas twice and beat Washington:

• We’d be 9-7 and 4-1 in division.

• Dallas would be 10-6; so they’d have to lose another game, making them 9-7 and 3-3 in division.

• Washington would be 8-8 and out of it.

Here’s an odd one: If we beat Green Bay and Dallas loses to Arizona—and then we beat Dallas twice and lose to Washington and Jets—and Dallas and Washington win the rest of their games:

• We’d be 9-7; 3-3 in division

• Dallas would be 9-7. 3-3 in division.

• Washington would be 9-7. 3-3 in division.

In this 3-way tie: We beat Dallas twice; Dallas beat Washington twice; Washington beat us twice.

So no one wins head-to-head. Division record is the same. So it goes to common opponents. And I’m just too bleary eyed to try and figure that one out now.

Lets just beat the Packers and take it from there!


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