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Who is Victor Cruz?

October 20, 2011

My father and I have been talking about Victor Cruz since the moment he made his first catch in that exhibition game in 2010.  We were angry when the Giants put him on IR to get that kicker for one game.  This year we may have lost it if Cruz didn’t get a chance to play.  Why, because we see greatness in him.  We wonder what it would be like to have a combination like Montana and Rice or Brady and Moss.  We wonder what it would be like to have a receiver with hands as sure as the sun and feet as swift as the wind.  We wonder if we would have won the Super Bowl in 1997 if we had had Victor Cruz and not Chris Calloway to catch that onside kick…we understand that may be a lot of pressure to put on one person, a virtual rookie, with 3 career TDs, but…we see greatness in him.


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