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It Wasn’t Meant to Be

September 29, 2011

This was supposed to be our year.  On paper we were the best team and perhaps what made it more believable–and worse–was that everyone thought the Red Sox would win 100 games, everyone thought they’d win the World Series.  No one thought the Yankees or especially the Rays would have what it takes down the stretch.  Well that’s why they play the games–all of them.

In both leagues, it came down to the last night and oh, what a night it was, you couldn’t write a better script–two extra inning games, a rain delay, a walk-off home run, two historic collapses, an incredible comeback.  There had to have been other forces at work, the baseball gods had to have had their hands in this, because it was too unbelievable, too poetic to be just simply what happened. But wait, wasn’t this supposed to be our year?  The script was supposed to go, the Red Sox comeback from the worst start to a season ever to win not to also have the worst end to a season ever.  This was supposed to be OUR year! But was it, really?

They say you shouldn’t do anything when you’re angry, go to sleep, buy a gun, write a blog post, well I did all of that last night, except the part about buying a gun, and in the light of day, this was still what needed to be said.

Well, Red Sox we could blame the Yankees, we could blame the Rays or the Orioles or the rain or the baseball gods.  We can say it just wasn’t meant to be if that helps, but in the end we really have no one to blame but ourselves.  So let’s remember how this feels, so that next year, we can work harder to get the ending we wanted.

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